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There were Atlantic salmon in the rivers

It was 1993 and all of a sudden there were Atlantic Salmon in the rivers.

The mighty Chinook salmon vanished after a bacterial infection called furunculosis spread through the farms. The flatfish on the...

10,000 pages

I was the only person with a word processor in Echo Bay in the 1990s when salmon farms first moved in. Government began denying local people the legal right to tie our floathouses to the shore, giving the right instead to the salmon farmers (personal communication with Doug Berry, Crown Lands ~ 1990)....

Trying to communicate

The salmon farming industry tried to stop me from approaching their farms and there were some aggressive encounters.

When the salmon farmers began filming me as I approached the pens, I began trying to communicate with their head offices with signs. As I approached the salmon farms to collect data, I held...


After nine years of watching juvenile salmon being eaten to death by sea lice, I knew something else had to be tried.In the spring of 2008 I applied to the Federal Government for permits and permission to evacuate the young salmon before they encountered the salmon farms and sea lice...

Eviction notice

The First Nations between Kingcome and Knight Inlet organized delivery of an eviction notice by canoe, where Norwegian companies are operating 27 feedlots on the British Columbia mainland, east of the Northern tip of Vancouver Island to raise Atlantic salmon. It was ignored.


Trip to Norway

In 2009, I traveled with Chief Bobby Joseph and Chief Bob Chamberlin to Norway to attend the Annual General Meetings (AGMs) of the two biggest salmon farming companies inappropriately occupying the territory of the Musgamagw Tsawataineuk.

I went to Norway with powerful and respected First Nation leaders.

After listening to the companies in...

Paddle for Wild Salmon

To mark the start of the Cohen Commission which was to investigate the 20-year decline of salmon runs in the Fraser River, 100 people in 10 canoes paddled for five days down the lower Fraser River to Vancouver. We were largely a First Nations contingent and we were hosted every night...

Get Out Migration

In 2010, after twenty-three years of writing letters, sea lice research, legal action, attending corporate AGMs and engaging in every government process that came up, I began to focus on the question put to me by many British Columbia citizens: “how can we change this?” Clearly we needed to get the government’s...

Cohen Commission aquaculture hearings (August 2011)

I spent nine months and thousands of hours going through the half of a million government documents (including thousands of emails between bureaucrats), released to participants of the Cohen Commission. It was quite the education on how wild salmon are managed in Canada. I concluded that there is no...

Path of the Raven

On February 2, 2013, I again embarked on a journey from the northern tip of Vancouver Island to the Legislature building in Victoria. This time, with hereditary chief Beau Dick, his family and others, our trip culminated with an ancient copper-cutting ceremony. The nations in whose territory I live, have given me...