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My research and advocacy are dependent on many people making small donations.
There are several donation options.

Donate to the Pacific Coast Wild Salmon Society

Alex at Courthouse

Canada does not permit tax receipts for this society. However, we are in urgent need of funds for outreach and legal action. If you require a tax receipt please donate to the Raincoast Research Society, see below.

Contributions are essential to ensure we can communicate research findings to the public via brochures, films, public events and outreach. We have no head office and little overhead so your donation goes straight to work.


Bankcard donations don’t require PayPal login. But you can login and donate using PayPal account if you wish.


Use PayPal or credit card to setup an automatic monthly donation.

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Please mail your check to: Pacific Coast Wild Salmon Society Box 399
Sointula, BC V0N 3E0

Donate to the Raincoast Research Society

Alex at Courthouse

Canadian tax receipts are submitted for donations to this Society.

Support our ground-breaking research on the impact of salmon farms ( by giving to the Raincoast Research Society. Currently we're testing European salmon viruses in British Columbia fish. Costly and politically charged, universities have shied away from this research, but he results are important for scientific publications and government persuasion.

Submit your donation: Please mail check with your return address to: Raincoast Research Society, Box 399, Sointula, BC V0N 3E0