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For nearly forty years, I have dedicated my life to restoring the balance between the people and the wild salmon off the coast of British Columbia.

In 1984, I followed the whales into a remote inlet off the west coast of Canada and made it my home. There were no roads, electricity or telephones, but wild salmon and wildlife thrived, as well as a community of people.

When the salmon farms first appeared, we were told they would be good for us. Then the toxic algae blooms and sea lice developed, and the wild salmon die-off began.

First the whales I was studying left, then the salmon populations crashed and then my beloved community began to fade away. Today there are only 8 people left in the village and 27 Norwegian-owned salmon feedlots dot the area.

This website tells the story of an ongoing battle. It references science, activism, films and legal battles I have undertaken (with the help of many) to keep this part of our planet alive and thriving.

I invite you to spend just a short while on this website. If I could ask you to do one thing, it would be to use your purchasing power for the force of good because without willing consumers, the salmon farm industry would not exist in the North Pacific. 

Wild Salmon have supported the people of British Columbia.
Now we must support the wild salmon.

Wild salmon are the bloodstream of the British Columbia coast. By carrying ocean nutrients up the rivers to the mountainsides, they are a crucial to the survival of over 100 diverse species. The people of the First Nations flourished with this abundant food source. Wild salmon continued to feed British Columbians as Canada took shape, they still feed the trees that make the oxygen we need.

I believe the invasion of foreign-owned, industrial-scale fish farms, with their exotic Atlantic salmon, have destabilized the British Columbia coast. The massive expansion of fish feedlots is associated with new and escalating fish viruses and disease, artificially high numbers of sea lice that kill young wild salmon, toxic algae blooms and the fouling of the water and sea bottom.

As the Norwegian-owned fish farm industry pumps out even more farmed salmon (increasingly considered a hazard to both the environment and consumers), our wild salmon suffer the consequences

Watch: Salmon Confidential (Trailer)

This documentary tells the backstory, behind the scenes of the biggest environmental government coverup of what is killing British Columbia’s wild salmon.

Watch the full documentary here.