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Farmed and wild salmon comparison

Wild and farmed salmon are not the same.

Below you can see the strips of fat in farmed salmon. White stripes like this occur only in farmed salmon. This farmed Atlantic...

Farmed salmon: is it good food?

In 2013, a Norwegian pediatrician went public with her concern that Norwegian farmed salmon contains such high levels of dangerous toxins that it is a threat to the health of babies.

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Maximum allowable dioxin and dioxin-like PCB levels for sale in EU market

The European Union permits high levels of toxins in farmed salmon: 41.6 picograms of toxins per gram of fat is allowed in farmed salmon. It is 7 to 32 times more...

Why is farmed salmon so contaminated?

Two reasons.

PCBs and dioxins exist throughout the food chain. Farmed salmon eat pellets made of fish meal and grains that are soaked in fish oils. Since these toxins bind to fat, the...

Norwegian pediatrician warns us

In June 2013, a Norwegian pediatrician studying how nutrients pass from mothers to babies, risked her career to go public warning women they should avoid farmed salmon if they want healthy babies,...

European media coverage

Below is a collection of articles, largely from Norwegian newspapers, on the toxicity of farmed salmon, how Norway hid this from the public for years, how the industry lobbied the European Union...

Children's health

Marketing vs. science - opposite statements

The NORGE website used by Norway to promote their seafood shows a little girl feeding seafood to a man with the caption "Fish helps to better connect...

Colour added so it looks like wild salmon

Colour additives are fed to farmed salmon to turn the flesh any shade of pink/orange desired by the company. Without this additive farmed salmon flesh is grey. The SalmoFan, is used like paint...

But don't we need salmon farms to feed the world?

No. If we were serious about feeding the world, we would eat lower down on the food chain which requires less fish and would protect us from harmful toxin loads. The cycle of catching...

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